Talladega Scenic Drive

The scenic landscape perched on the crest of the highest mountain in Alabama is the main event on the Talladega Scenic Drive, where, as the song says, it feels like, “on a clear day you can see forever.” Sitting at the top savoring lunch, it’s hard to believe this drive stretching across the backbone of the Appalachian Mountains, is only 29 miles long. In this case, small is beautiful. In fall, the drive blazes with color as Mother Nature puts on her best suit of clothes. In spring, the dogwoods and redbuds bloom exuberantly, contrasting with the blue mountain haze. Like so many other routes with astounding scenery, this Byway also has good heritage. The soil is red, thanks to the presence of iron, which once supported the local economy. As you travel, expect to see plenty of wildlife including white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, grouse, and even bobcats. Slow down, appreciate the drive and enjoy the serenity (all motorized vehicles are prohibited in the Cheaha Wilderness). Even though AL 281 is a highway, the road is a slow one, with a speed limit of 35 mph. Pull off on the scenic overlooks and marvel at the mountain landscape splaying out at your feet. After the beautiful drive, enjoy Talladega, where motorsports reign and DeSoto Caverns, a stop on the Mound Builders Native American Trail in Alabama.

Beauty On The Ridge