Haunting desert landscapes, red rock canyons, rugged mountains and twisted shapes form a panoramic backdrop for ageless Native American traditions, the Old West, timeless Spanish influences and contemporary culture interwoven tightly into a cord of many colors stretching for tens of thousands of years. At first only the ancient ones occupied this land. Dwelling in pueblos and canyons, many found a mysterious quality about the place. The ancients were still here when Spanish explorers arrived from Mexico to claim the land along El Camino Real – the Royal Road – as their new possession. Soon pioneers seeking better lives began arriving to settle the dusty, dry, red rock country which became America’s Old West. Arizona did not become a state until a little over 100 years ago, spawning decades of territorial government working to control the rowdy and restless. Since then, things have settled down a bit. Great, sophisticated urban centers such as Phoenix emerged, complemented by Sedona and Tucson which retained their authentic roots. The most dramatic landscapes became National Parks and National Monuments, preserved and protected to welcome visitors from around the world.  The unique connection between the people and the land continues, delivering a sensibility just not found anywhere else.  Ask any Southwestern resident what’s important and they’ll tell you it’s the land that is the very core of one’s being. So, saddle up, pack your bags and get ready for a southwestern vacation to discover the very special qualities of this very special place. 

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