Crowley’s Ridge Parkway National Scenic Byway Road Trip

Crowley’s Ridge Parkway National Scenic Byway traces a path atop some very unique geology in Arkansas on a ridge line that rises hundreds of feet and delivers breathtaking views of the Delta heartland. Starting in the quaint town of St. Francis, the Byway crosses an array of landscapes and connects communities steeped in culture and history as it slowly meanders through rich fields of cotton, soybeans, and rice. Rolling hills blanketed by vast fields, vivid wildflowers, and awesome natural beauty splay out as far as the horizon. Continuing along the ridge, you’ll reach Jonesboro, the largest along the parkway and one of the state’s most progressive cities. Delve into the region’s history and its vibrant contemporary art scene at the Arkansas State University Museum and Bradbury Art Museum. Continue onward to the Dyess Colony for a rare glimpse into a New Deal resettlement project and the boyhood home of music icon Johnny Cash. Enjoy exploring the tranquility of multiple state parks along the way, spy a variety of waterfowl and finish the journey recharged and refreshed. Make sure to enjoy BBQ and a pint at a local distillery, and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the communities that welcome you in along the route.

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