Tracks Across Borders

Southwestern Colorado presents a unique opportunity to explore the rich culture of the oldest Ancestral Puebloan people in the United States, that included the original bands of the Mouache and Capote Utes and the Lianeros, the plains people and the Olleros, the mountain valley people of the Jicarilla Tribe. The Utes were the ancestors of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, who are now the oldest continuous residents of Colorado. The Jicarilla are the present-day descendants of the larger Apache nation who moved with the seasons around the scenic mountains and rugged mesas of southern Colorado and northeastern New Mexico until they were given a permanent home in north central New Mexico. Tracks Across Borders Scenic and Historic Byway puts you on some the backroads of these ancient tribal lands, following the route of the railroad between Durango and Chama, which connects the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad with the Cumbes and Toltec Railroad. High quality museums and ancient monuments along the way reveal timeless fascinating cultural stories. At Chimney Rock National Monument, you’ll walk in the footsteps of the enigmatic Ancestral Puebloans of Chaco Canyon, following primitive pathways that haven’t changed for thousands of years.