Delaware Bayshore National Scenic Byway

When one thinks Delaware, one thinks Wilmington, Dover, and a collection of really wonderful historic towns.  Yet, there’s a 100-mile route through a unique landscape that will change your perception of the state.  It is rural, meandering through marshlands, past huge farms and bountiful agricultural areas, with vistas overlooking shimmering waterways with patches of grass waving in the wind.  And then every so often, you can leave the road to visit one of those wonderful historic towns on you way south through the state.  This is where you’ll find incredibly well-preserved historic homes, parks, gardens, quaint shops, and places to eat.  The whole experience is a contrast between the quiet, unpopulated wild side of Delaware to the towns filled with people and attractions.  In some places in the First State, life has changed little in the past 300 years. Along the shore, the waves gently lap at your feet. In others, historic homes stand majestically by, ready to be explored and their story heard, built by sea captains, where crabbing is a way of life, birding a daily activity, hiking comes naturally, and the water beckons you to take a dip. As you flow back and forth between this bounty of nature and history feel the wind in your hair and breathe the sweet scent of saltwater. Leave the world behind and savor every quiet minute enjoying nature and man’s beautiful contributions to the region.

Shaped by Water and History

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