Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway

In the quiet far reaches of New Castle County in northern Delaware, nature stitched together a tapestry of meandering creeks, narrow stream valleys, steep wooded hillsides, and bucolic farmlands into a complex, interconnected water system known as the Red Clay Creek Watershed. The protected area sustains an abundance of plants, animals, and some of the richest old growth forests in the region. Its exceptionally scenic landscape is considered a hidden gem in the mid-Atlantic. You can enjoy this delightful landscape on the Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway, a 27-mile route that mimics a winding road and river network once traversed by horse and buggy, that links historic homes, quaint small towns, and pastoral flood plains. Discover a unique story of the valley as you twist and turn over ridge lines, underneath covered bridges, on backroads that conform to the contours of the land, linking quiet pastures to the urban center of development. From rivers and marshlands to backroads and working farms, Delaware’s heritage is on full view along the Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway, where water, roads, and history intertwine.

The Quiet Far Reaches of Delaware

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