Ever wanted to go to a destination with “Unbridled Spirit”? A place where the attractions are authentic, the people really enjoy welcoming visitors, the Southern heritage is strong, and the landscape soothing to the eyes? Pack your bags and get ready to visit Kentucky! It’s an intriguing place. Kentucky became the first state west of the Appalachian Mountains in 1792, where frontiersman Daniel Boone blazed a trail through the Cumberland Gap to open America to the West. Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville. During the Civil War, the state was split between the North and South. When you land in northern Kentucky, you’re right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. Lexington by contrast, is genteel Bluegrass country, where horse farms reign. Ribbons of fences define farm after farm, populated with prestigious steeds, sitting regally on the rolling countryside. The Kentucky Horse Park, Red Mile and Keeneland are all must-sees. And don’t forget Louisville, Gateway to the South. (Say “Loovul” to sound like a native.) Experience southern hospitality so warm that it’s a way of life, in the hotels and the neighborhoods in one of America’s prettiest “big cities.”  In addition to the graciousness of Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky is also home to the Hatfield part of the Hatfields and McCoys (who lived right across the border in West Virginia) whose famous feud between families lasted from 1888 until 2003 when a truce was finally signed. The state is a major coal producer, site of Army bases Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, home of bluegrass music and the lyrics of “Happy Birthday to You!” 

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