Bold Coast National Scenic Byway

With the constant sound of waves crashing on the rugged seacoast as a timeless backdrop, the Down East area of Maine is home to the culture of true “May-nuhs”: seafarers, tradesmen, fishermen and shipbuilders living in quaint villages and on charming farms.  Connected by a scenic road that meanders through deep forests and rocky coastlines, residents of the region treasure their way of life.  They have worked constantly to preserve and landscape and heritage that hasn’t changed significantly in the past 200 years. This scenic route is 147 miles of dramatic beauty as you make your way along the Bold Coast National  Scenic Byway, while exploring the area’s timeless heritage along the way.  Winding past rugged granite cliffs, through timeless coastal fishing communities, and Maine’s famous wild blueberry fields, Down East Maine is a masterful blend of fishing and farming and all things related to the land. You’ll  get both the seaborne and agricultural perspective from the hardy Mainers who have lived in the area for generations, making their living by harvesting the teeming bounty. Stop and chat with local residents to learn how the coast both drew and shaped them, and why they would never live anywhere else. Dine on fresh-from-the-ocean seafood, including fresh lobsters, clams, mussels, scallops, and salmon.

Drive through waves of blue – on land – where fields of wild blueberries ripple in vibrant colors. Marvel at the thousands of species of waterfowl, shorebirds, and birds of prey that populate the ever present coast. Venture back to the 19th century in Cherryfield and the historic districts of small coastal towns that still boast homes dating from the original settlers. The Bold Coast Scenic Byway encompasses three segments: the coastal villages segment, the bold coast segment and the Cobscook Bay segment and the trip is packed with things to see and do.  Yet, it’s worth it to grasp the interplay between the heritage and the land. Near the end of your journey, trek to West Quoddy Head Lighthouse to experience the nation’s first sunrise and know you’ve experienced a very special place.

Video Tour Overview: A Dramatic Downeaster

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