It’s the only place with an Uff Da Shop and where the traditional delicacy was soaked in lye before cooking. The weather gets so cold that you have to don your tuque, your Sorels and choppers to survive 20 below. On the other hand, the art museums are world renowned, the cities pristine and there are more theatre seats per capita than any other place save New York City.  Welcome to Minnesota, an incredibly diverse cultural mosaic that prides itself on being the center of Scandinavian American life, yet effortlessly blending German, French, Irish and Native American heritage, celebrating them all. Minnesotans are known for their very nice and welcoming dispositions – and their Scandinavian brogue. Both of these are real, infused from decades of Lutheranism and generations of immigrants blending Norwegian and Swedish with English up north. While you’re exploring Minnesota, plan to eat your way through the experience. These people are really good cooks. Enjoy traditional “hot dishes” as they are called, the casseroles that are served at community potlucks and savor the goodies of the “coffee table, the scrumptious pastries that are richly baked from recipes brought over from the old country.  But don’t let this traditional fool you. Minnesota is very sophisticated, with the Walker and the Weisman featuring world class art, the Guthrie that runs Broadway productions and the Mall of America, the largest shopping complex in the country. Throw in the landscape and humor made famous by Garrison Keillor and you have the ingredients of a great adventure.

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