Big Sheep Back Country Byway

It’s where you go when you really want to get away from things!  Out here in the back of the beyond in far southwest Montana, you could drive the Big Sheep Creek Back Country Byway without seeing anyone else. Wilderness, isolation, seclusion, and serenity abound, along with the opportunity to see Big Sky Country as it was experienced by Native Americans, mountaineers, and miners. The Byway is named Big Sheep because bighorn sheep frolic, graze, and shelter, on the steep hillsides. The road meanders through an open valley before reaching Big Sheep Creek and Big Sheep Creek Canyon, meandering, twisting, and turning, as it follows the spring-fed creek. Driving through landscapes that resemble the 1880s in the beautiful Medicine Lodge Valley, cradled by the Beaverhead and Tendoy Mountains, you may find an occasional sheep shed still standing from when ranchers raised sheep out here. If you’re in the area in the evening and worried about wild animals, you’ll have to bring your own. The quiet of the evening is not disturbed by the usual coyote yips, nighthawks, or jumping porcupines. This is truly one of Montana’s Last Best Places, undisturbed by development, human life, or commotion.  Enjoy this Byway, a hidden gem buried in the mountain canyons and tall rocky cliffs. Ease into the remote solitude of this wilderness area that appears as it did to the people who lived here hundreds of years ago – a truly unique experience.

Out in the Back of the Beyond

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