Bull River Valley Scenic Drive

You may think you’re in Northern California or in the Pacific Northwest.  But you’re not – you’re in a very unique area of Montana that gets 50 to 100 inches of rain each year. It’s the place where the landscape of the northern Rocky Mountains transitions to the lush vegetation of the Pacific Northwest. The result is the Bull River Valley, sitting alongside the Cabinet Mountains which are home to huge fir trees and western red cedars that thrive in abundant rainfall, coupled with Douglas firs and western larch that do best in dryer conditions. These Wilds of Northwest Montana is the traditional home of the Kootenai tribe. The Scenic Drive winds along the Bull River on a former Native American trail. The relaxing panorama on this very scenic drive rides between high peaks, lakes and streams, forested slopes, and alpine meadows. The highlight of this drive is the Ross Creek Giant Cedars Grove where ancient western red cedars grow 8 feet in diameter and 175 feet high. A nearly mile-long nature trail through the grove, delivers great views of the Bull River Valley and the Cabinet Mountains. It is reached by a four mile paved road that climbs to the parking area at the Cedars. This is a really great place to get away from it all. 

Montana's Pacific Northwest

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