Pintler Veterans’ Memorial Scenic Highway

It’s a microcosm of Montana in little more than 60 miles. It gets you off the interstate and onto a scenic road. Even though it takes a bit more time to drive than I-90, the Pintler Veterans’ Memorial Scenic Byway features all the elements of authentic Montana in one beautiful drive. Skirting the Flint Creek Mountain range – referred to as the towering Pintlers – the drive showcases peaks rising over 10,000 feet, which like so many Montana mountain ranges, made mining a major industry in the region. Spanning 3,700 acres at an elevation of 6,425 feet, the beauty of Georgetown Lake parallels the Pintler Veterans’ Memorial Scenic Highway for miles. Encircled by three mountain ranges, in some places, with remnants of abandoned mining operations and ghost towns hidden in the timbered ridges. Next up, the gorgeous Flint Creek Valley with vast open fields, barbed wire fences, old barns and ranch houses.  When you reach Philipsburg, even though it was formed around an ore smelter and the surrounding hills still show the scars of mountains that have produced vast deposits of silver, manganese, sapphires, and to a lesser extent gold, the town is truly western with colorfully painted historic buildings. Drummond on the other hand, is a cow town, hanging on to its ranching traditions and lifestyle. 

Montana in 60 Miles

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