Seeley-Swan Scenic Drive

Eons ago, slowly creeping glaciers covered Montana, scouring the land and cutting  deep valleys as they pushed mounds of soil in their path. As they melted, Glacial Lake Missoula filled with as much as 1,000 feet of iceberg-filled meltwater. When at last, the ice holding the millions of gallons in the lake finally broke loose and flowed out to the Pacific Ocean, it revealed a beautiful landscape filled with hundreds of lakes, mountain ranges, and fertile land for growing lush forests. Thank all this natural upheaval for the stunning drive along the Seeley-Swan Valley Chain of Lakes, connected by the Clearwater and Swan Rivers. The route, stretching 90 miles along Montana Highway 83, also known as the Glacier Parkway, backs up to the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the largest roadless area in the lower 48 states. The Seeley-Swan Scenic Drive is bounded by the Swan Mountains on one side and the Mission Mountains rising majestically on the other. Midway between Seeley Lake and Swan Lake, hike to Holland Lake Falls where the views are jaw-dropping. Within the unspoiled nature here, you’ll find Seeley Lake and Bigfork, charming, visitor friendly towns and Gus, the world’s largest western larch tree. Take it slow as you enjoy the scenic beauty along the last natural chain of lakes in the Northwest. This is about as good as it gets. 

90 Mile Chain of Lakes

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