Think Nevada!  Think Las Vegas!  Everyone has to experience Las Vegas once in a lifetime. The lights are on 24/7 and you can find something to do no matter what time of day or night. You can, of course, try your hand at gambling, take in some shows, or renew your vows. The Las Vegas Strip is an All American Road. And you will be surprised as to how many museums there are on Las Vegas. Way more than you would imagine. Yet, there is so much more to Nevada than Vegas. There are places with caverns, canyons, cathedral rocks and crinkled mountains, some waaaay off the beaten path. The state is home to 27 recognized Native American tribes and the US Government owns about 85% of the land. But that does not hamper the scenic beauty you will encounter. After you’ve been blown away by all the city lights, you can begin meandering further north. When you reach the red desert amidst twisted and tortured rock shapes, it will start to feel like Arizona and Utah. At Great Basin National Park and Wheeler Peak, you’ll feel like you’re in Wyoming. The raspy red rocks in the Valley of Fire blend with the jewel-hued tones of hard granite mountains. Further north, Pioneer Territory is where the first settlers made their way into the state. Cowboy Country was the Wild, Wild West in its heyday and Pony Express Territory is named for the route the mail followed through Nevada. Eons ago, on the California border, the clash of tectonic plates drive great chunks of the earth’s surface skyward and dropped a sparkling crystal clear lake right in the middle, ringed by the alpine landscape. Enjoy the work of these moving plates at Lake Tahoe, spectacular with scenery as you take the scenic drive around the entire lake.

Nevada Scenic Byways