New York

From the lofty palisades of the Hudson River to the sparkling waters of Lake Placid, Update New York is a grand expanse of lush greenery, delightful scenery and intriguing nature.  All along your journey, you’ll be thrilled to thundering waterfalls, savoring pristine crystal blue lakes, traveling deep into lush mountain forests and enjoying incredible waterfalls.  In between these wonderful natural landscapes, gently rolling farms, producing robustly for centuries, govern the pace of life and authentic artisans lend their trade to the mix. It’s a great environment in which to have the adrenaline rush of a bobsled ride and the high of mountain climbing, while at the same time, visiting a castle on the river, as the opulent mansions perched high above the Hudson are called.  And of course, you must “take the waters” at Saratoga Springs, even though there may be a horse race on.  If you really want to get away, immerse yourself in the three million acres of “forever wild” Adirondack Park, while you are venturing on a whole network of scenic byways that crisscross that area.  More than 1,000 islands sparkle like diamonds in the St. Lawrence, watched over by two unexpected castles.  More than 50 great wineries dot the Finger Lakes and or course, you can’t miss Niagara Falls, the sixth wonder of the world!  And then, there’s New York City – where the lights are on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. World class museums and theatre offer great design, great drama, masterpiece art, superb architecture and the latest fashions, leading the world into the new trends of the day.  Savor and enjoy both parts of this great state, there’s nowhere else on earth where such a contrast is so easy to discover. 

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