It’s where settlers piled their belongings in river boats, rafts, and wagons to begin their journey to new homes on America’ first frontier. It’s where westward expansion and the Northwest Territory served as the staging point for the movement west and the point where all property disputes in the United States are still settled today. Where it is?  It’s the Point of the Beginning, where the Ohio River meets the Pennsylvania border, where the first expansion beyond the 13 original colonies commenced. The area has a fascinating story featuring George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other patriots from Virginia who owned the original Ohio Company. A bit further south, you’ll discover the timeless life of Ohio’s Amish. Sitting lightly on Ohio’s rolling hills, centuries of masterful tilling, attention to detail, and following the flow of the seasons have rendered farms full of contrasts which have changed little in centuries. They welcome thousands of visitors each year to taste the food, browse the handmade treasures, and enjoy a slower pace. Contrast the Amish with Cincinnati, gateway to the East, West, North and South, located on the Ohio River where ancient trading routes come together. It has been a bustling point of commerce and trade for more almost 220 years. Today, the headquarters of Proctor and Gamble and other massive household giants are interspersed with world-class museums, wonderful gardens, and historic architecture. Rollin’ down the river from Cincinnati, 200 years of river culture began in 1780, when barges loaded with pioneer families used the river to carry them to their new homes in the Midwest, taking the same route that Lewis and Clark used for their journey of discovery.

Ohio Scenic Byways