Chinook Scenic Byway All-American Road

From the ancient forests of Enumclaw to the fertile Naches Valley, the Chinook  Scenic Byway All-American Road, one of Washington State’s premier driving routes follows a path carved by rushing rivers and winds past sparkling alpine lakes, towering glacial peaks, and lush wildflower meadows.  Majestic Mt. Rainier, rising to 14,410 feet, is your constant companion as you traverse the volcanic ridges and glacier-carved valleys. The dramatic mountain, still an active volcano built by numerous eruptions over 500,000 years, most recently blew its top 2,200 years ago. Look closer as you travel, and the landscape reveals the story of its origin. The region was covered with swamps, ancient seas, flowing lava, explosive ash, and thick sheets of ice. Over the millennia, mountains rose and eroded away, only to be built up again by the next volcanic explosion. Yet, the 92-mile journey is more than geology.  You can savor juicy red apples from a farm stand overflowing with local produce. Listen to the rumble of a waterfall as it tumbles down a rocky canyon. And take a deep breath of crisp mountain air as you carefully pack a snowball in the middle of a beautiful summer day.  As you stand in awe, picture-perfect glimpses of Mt. Rainier poking its nose through the clouds, allowing you to discover charming valley communities which retain the intrepid spirit of the area’s earliest homesteaders.  The summit at Chinook Pass over five thousand feet, delivers heart-stopping scenery and an astonishing panorama of views. Take your time enjoying what some consider Washington State’s most scenic road – natural beauty and thrilling landscapes await!

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92 Miles of Gorgeous All-American Road

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