Bighorn Scenic Byway

You’re here for the scenery, the dramatic natural beauty and high in the sky roads, and you can expect a lot.  On the Bighorn Scenic Byway, one of three routes over the Bighorn Mountains, you’ll discover very tight canyons full of sharp corners, sharp jutting rock walls soaring to the sky, hundreds of miles of foothills spreading out at your feet and massive tilting rocks showing only their tips, with their roots reaching deep into the Big Horn Basin.  This 47-mile Scenic Byway begins just outside of Sheridan, traveling over the mountain crest to Greybull.  Visitors rave about the mountain switchbacks, amazing views, spectacular canyons and waterfalls, saying “take this drive, even if it means going out of your way.” The official boundary of the byway 6.5 miles west of Dayton is marked with a scenic overlook with spectacular views and Fallen City, a field of Madison limestone blocks that toppled onto the rocks below.  After Burgess Junction, where US 14 splits from US14A, you reach 9,033 feet atop Granite Pass.  A bit further on, Shell Falls dives 120 feet into the gorge below, followed by nearby Shell Canyon, filled with sharp, twisting corners, drop-offs and gorgeous rock formations.  Plan to take the drive slowly and enjoy every bit of the unfolding scenery along the way.  Watch for coyotes, deer and elk.  And, you may even spot one of the elusive mountain lions who roam these parts.

Crest the Bighorn Mountains

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