It’s the place in the nation where America began, and the place where the first Amish community to settle in the new world.  These are only two of the contrasts you’ll discover in Pennsylvania’s five very distinct regions, where hills resonate with history, revitalized cities are now sophisticated urban landscapes and more.  Philadelphia became the largest and most influential city in colonies soon after settlement in 1681. America’s founding fathers from all 13 colonies met to sketch out and structure a new country based on the principles of democracy.  Here too, are America’s first public school, fire company, newspaper, hospital, theater and public library. Nearby Lancaster County turns back the hands of time. Cherishing traditional values of humility, family, and community, the Amish artfully coexist with the world around them. Gettysburg is a hallowed ground where the fate of America changed forever.  You can still nearly hear the drums of war beating in the distance, while walking in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln who uttered the famous words, “Four score and seven years ago…” in a speech that moved an entire nation. The hills west of there ripple into the high ridges of the Allegheny Mountains, and them on to Pittsburgh. The gorgeous rolling scenery and craggy mountains of Western Pennsylvania present landscape as well as lifestyle with contrasts. From there, leave the bright lights behind and head to the Pocono Mountains, America’s first leisure playground. Enjoy the fresh, cool air, waterfalls and awesome scenic roads and railroads, with a touch of culture completely their own. Plan to explore all of the Keystone State and discover that America truly starts here!

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