Appalachian Waters Scenic Byway

Get ready for an extraordinary experience, enveloped in a beautiful landscape! As you’re getting into the car, think relaxing, meandering, strolling, and wandering. When you arrive at the start of the Appalachian Waters Byway outside Lexington, Virginia, you’ll soon see that the views just don’t get any better than this. As you begin driving the Byway, climbing out of the valley, the water comes rushing toward you, like diamonds flowing over the rocks sparkling in the sun. It looks like Mother Nature carefully placed each of the string of glistening jewels. Further up the route, the trees close in, shading the road with a green canopy of overhanging foliage. If you travel in spring, the sun dapples through unfolding leaves. In summer, the darker green landscape offers a greater contrast to the crystal-clear water and deep blue sky. And, of course, we don’t even have to try to describe autumn when Mother Nature puts on her best suit of clothes for all to enjoy. So, when you feel the call of the mountains, plan to take Route 39 along the Maury River cutting through Goshen Pass; the river carved gorge famous for its springtime whitewater. The further you go, the higher into the Virginia highlands you get, eventually feeling like you’re driving on top of the world. Named for the many lakes, rivers, streams and springs along the road, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and quaint country living, surrounded by majestic mountains, forests, historic treasures, natural wonders and blooming redbuds and dogwoods.

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